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Ignition is a highly customisable modular software platform for the industrial automation market based on databases, Java and OPC-UA, which can be used to create virtually any type of automated system.  

Ignition HMI/SCADA Software


Vision Module

Powerful HMI/SCADA client technology with drag-and-drop configuration for displaying real time and historical data.

OPC-UA Module

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A cross-platform, high-performance OPC-UA server written in 100% pure Java with an open, pluggable driver system. Includes drivers for many popular protocols.  

SQL Bridge Module

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A highly efficient interface between OPC data and SQL databases. Includes a SQL tag historian and transaction manager which can be configured to achieve any number of tasks such as data logging, PLC synchronisation, downtime tracking and recipe management.  

Reporting Module

Creates dynamic, database-driven PDF reports.  

Ignition MES Software


OEE Downtime Module

Extends Ignition to monitor OEE and downtime, and manage work orders, product codes, production schedules. When combined with Ignition SQL Bridge, Vision and Reporting modules, the total functionality includes the OEE, downtime and schedule engine; configuration software; user interface screens; advanced analysis tools; and reports.  

SPC Module

The SPC Module extends Ignition with powerful real-time SPC functionality for one physical production facility. Implement a full-featured SPC system including unattended out-of-control evaluation, sample scheduling, control charts and more.  

Recipe/Changeover Module

Extends Ignition with recipe functionality allowing for rapid and reliable production changeovers. Module supports multiple levels of master recipes, security by recipe value, change log, recipe value variance tracking and sub-recipes. Visual components are included to simplify managing and editing recipes, comparing recipes and creating reports reflecting recipe values compared to actual production values and more.  

Instrument Interface Module

The new Ignition Instrument Interface Module empowers Ignition software to easily interface with instruments. Collect data from instruments such as gauges, analyzers, barcode scanners, etc., and make that information available to your entire Ignition HMI, SCADA or MES system.